The Match Up: Tennesee vs. Auburn






The Match Up:  Tennessee Volunteers vs. Auburn Tigers

Location: Jordan Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL

Game Time: 2:30 CST

TV Coverage: CBS

Key Matchup: Tennessee running backs vs. Auburn linebackers:  The question on everyones mind this week around The Hill is how will Crompton react to the blitzing packages.  Most would say at this point, Crompton will not react well.  The folks over at LWS laid his situation out well, please take a look here for their perspective.  Great stuff guys… 

Pounding the rock on the way to SEC Champ 97

Pounding the rock on the way to SEC Champ 97

Anyways, This is where the running backs must step up and assist in picking up the outside rush.  The first time I see Arian Foster ole’ an outside blitzer, I’ll probably storm the field and put my head in his numbers.  I am absolutely sick of watching him play so selfishly.  Be a man, and do your all for Tennessee.  That being said, Fulmer has said Montario Hardesty’s pass blocking has been subject in the past.  Lets hope for an improvement on that front.  We are going to need several series of Montario Hardesty to make up for the ballerina dancing that Arian Foster is sure to be doing. 

The glimmer of hope is that Auburn’s stud LB Tray Blackmon has a fractured wrist, and Auburn reports him as good to go, but they also said that about Kodi Burns last week.

Major Storyline: How will this Vol team react against Auburn?  Will the pressure of possibly going 1-3, and the BooBirds have this team ready play?  Obviously this has been a tough week for the team and Program, but they have been working like HECK to

De-on GRANT! Give him SIX!

De-on GRANT! Give him SIX!

improve this week.  How is the defense preparing for a semi-spread attack?  Let us hope that Fulmer has felt his back against the wall, and has his troops ready for battle at 2:30. If I was a betting man (no laughs) I would say that Fulmer will have his team prepared for battle.  They will be ready until he looks across the field and Tommy Tuberville gives him a wink and blows him a kiss.  At that time Phil will shat his pants and the game plan goes out of the window.  Ok, so I’m kidding… I think Phil will have the boys ready to play, and will pull out a tight one… Daniel Lincoln gets sweet redemption drilling three long field goals, and the defense gives us a pick 6 for…

BDLC Fearless and Clueless Pick:  Tennessee 30 Auburn 28


3 Responses to “The Match Up: Tennesee vs. Auburn”

  1. Patrick (the pater familias) Says:

    I hope you’re right. I want to beat Auburn so bad. It’s been way too long.

  2. ghostofneyland Says:

    I think the biggest matchup is Crompton versus press-man coverage of Auburn CBs. They’re going to stack the box and force us to pass. I’m sick just thinking of it.

  3. Bill Duff's Love Child Says:


    I like your outlook on that, and I think it goes hand in hand with my assessment. AU is going to bring the thunder, and my main point is that the RBs have to be ready to run block. I agree that QB/WR vs DBs is critical. Jerrod Powers is from my hometown and played football with my brother in high school, but just for this one time, I hope he plays poorly.

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