Nice Bags of the week…

Its been a gut wrenching week for Tennessee fans after the Gator Chomping, but their is no time to lick our wounds as the Tigers already smell the blood… Tennessee should respond as they have in recent years when their wounded and the back is against the wall.  Check out some other great posts of the week from fellow Vol bloggers and other goodies..

Curveballs For Jesus’ week of PAIN

If Dreams come true over at 3rd Saturday in Blogtober

For a great read to all of Vol Nation head on into Gate21

Crompton is the 13th worst QB in the SEC… yes their are only 12 Teams in the SEC

My college report cards looked better than this, and thats not saying much…

Save it for Baseball season BooBirds… RockyTopTalk puts it straight here…

A breathe of fresh air that i haven’t been able to enjoy, Cubs Clinch!

Shameless plug and report to a trophy catfish on my fishing site, CFF


One Response to “Nice Bags of the week…”

  1. Patrick (the pater familias) Says:

    Nice Bag!

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