Chicago Cubs – 2008 NL Central Champions!

We are one step closer to pure and total heartache again!  Two years in a row this time… 

I love this team, this squad is full of gamers like Ryan Theriot, Reid Johnson, and Mark Derosa.  These guys aren’t super stars or making $15M a year, but they love the game, and I love them.  Man crush!

The Divisonal Series wil be the Wild Card Winner or the NL West Champ.  If the WC Winner (they are winners, champs of nothing) is a Central team the Cubs will draw the West Champ.  This is the scenario I am praying for… I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PHILLIES IF THEY WIN THE WC. 

The real question is, what is going to monumentally fail this year?  We are definately the most talented team in the NL, but something will probably give… lets just hope his name isn’t Steve.

Best case scenario is we will face the Dodgers in the opening round, the Cubs were 5-2 against LA Punks this season.  Their top 3 starts do concern me, Maddux, Penny, and Lowe.  We have roughed Lowe up in the past, but I’m afraid the curse of Maddux might shank us.  Of course I’m referring to the brilliant move in the offseason between ’92 and ’93 where we released Maddux, and all he did was lead the Bravos to 10 Divison Titles in a row. 

Well I’ll be sure and give untimely and unnecessary commentary through the entire post season run.


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