An outpouring of emotion… An end to an era?

This post is in response to my good friend over at 3rd Saturday in Blogtober, as we discuss the current state of the Tennessee Football Program and our Head Coach Philip Fulmer.  I have never in my life said its time for Fulmer to be gone, but I will share my new thought process with each of you now. 

Check out the great post by The Ghost of Neyland here.


As we’ve discussed I’ve been depressed for a solid 20 days now. Never in my life did I believe that I would feel the way that Alabama (00-01, 03-04) and Auburn (98-99) fans have felt recently. I feel lost, confused and unled. I feel cheated, and I feel that my home state has began to turn on itself.

I have been going to Tennessee games for 15 years. I have never seen a UT crowd react the way they did on Saturday. There Patrick, my brother and I were in Section W turned around pleading with my “fellow Volunteers” not to boo, not to give up, and not to discourage our team and the recruits we had there. The response was, “Shut UP!,” “Sit down!,” and “Go Home!” It was the most gut wrenching disgusted feeling I have ever had. I wanted to go into a corner, throw up, and just wake up forgetting everything that just happened to me. In my wildest dreams I never expected our Program to be in this state.

I remember growing up in the 90s (the first time I could really understand football) watching Tennessee dominate. Well, everyone but Florida. I watched Fulmer come in and remove the stigma of Alabama that had been instilled in our Program through years of Johnny Majors’ conservatism, fear, and gross underutilization of talent. I watched Fulmer close out the 90s hammering out 5 straight spankings to Alabama by a combined score of 155-73. We exposed teams, we dominated teams. Won a National Championship (in my opinion the only real one since we lost our bowl game in 1951 to OU) and two SEC Championships… could it get better than this?

I remember my dad saying to me, “Brandon, enjoy this, because I have never seen an era of dominance like this in my lifetime. Cherish it, because I’m sure it will come to an end at sometime.” It happened to us early 70s, and it was on the verge of happening in the early 90s… it took us 6-8 years to get over the Bill Battle years, and fortunately it only took us 1 year to get over the conservatism, fear, and gross underutilization of talent that occured in the JM years (later years losses to Alabama were unacceptable)… That is what Fulmer did, and he continued the fight for many years to come.

It saddens me to say that I feel that the University of Tennessee needs to take the early 90s route again. It is time for a true University of Tennessee football HERO to step down, forced or willing, I believe it needs to happen so the ship can be mended and afloat again very soon. PLEASE, do not let the 1970s happen again. Coach Fulmer, please don’t let the program so far down that it will take 6-8 years to come back. Do this for your team, and your University. I respect you, and thank you for everything you have done for the University.

I will NOT sign that stupid petition. This man has done more for the University of Tennessee than anyone since General Neyland. I just believe his time is over as our Head Coach, and I pray that he realizes that as well, and turns the reigns over to a new Horse. Do it with pride Coach, do it with class, announce your resignation and finish this year strong. I am a mere fan, and have NO idea what the pressures of coaching at what is a difficult place to coach, yet one of the most fantastic football programs in the nation. So other than offering an opinion I will do nothing more to aid any movement to REMOVE our coach. I just hope that he realizes what state we are in, and steps aside gracefully.


2 Responses to “An outpouring of emotion… An end to an era?”

  1. ghostofneyland Says:

    I just hope that he does the legacy-saving thing and steps aside. I want the changes without the losses, but I guess that’s not possible.

  2. ghostofneyland Says:

    By the way, you’re now on our blogroll over at 3sib, dude. Nice blog.

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